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Hello. I see there have been posts similar to this, but I haven't been able to find the answer/the situations were all a bit different, so I hope somoene may be able to help.


I have a PowerBook G4 (2005) with 1.67GHz/2GB (upgraded) and 100GB HD.  I recently wiped it clean (to give it away or sell it), and After the wipe, to double-check that it worked and my data was gone, I went through the sign in thing when you first power up the machine. (I didn't want to do this - input all my info - but I didn't totally trust that my data was wiped so I wanted to check.)  Well, the data was gone.  But then I wanted to get rid of my sign-in info, so I went to wipe it again. I used the 7-pass mode. It was taking forever (I didn't think it would, since I had virtually nothing for it to write over) so I canceled it.  There everything went haywire. When I canceled it, the machine said something about "partitioning a drive".  Now the HD is not visible, anywhere.  I tried to boot from the install discs again and when it asks to select a destination drive, there is no drive at all to choose.  Did I "break" the HD? Any advice on how to fix this (short of replacing the HD, which I am not willing to do)?  Thanks in advance.



Note: The screen is not working. (In the right light, I can make it out, barely).  I hoooked it up to my TV with a video adapter cord.  I can see on the TV, but only when I drag windows over to the monitor. So, as an aside, anyone know how to make the TV "THE" monitor, so I can access the apple menu and everything else on it rather than on the PowerBook?


Thank you!

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    You probably just need to get the PRAM battery replaced.  The TV won't be the "monitor" unless you set it that way from software in Apple -> System Preferences -> Displays.  On some Macs just closing the lid forces the external display to be the monitor.  But the VGA adapter may have different ideas.  It is better to have an HDMI TV and a DVI to HDMI adapter.