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MacBook Air slow to wake. Also does not wake up properly when disconnected from an external screen. Often requires reboot. Disappointing.

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    Is this a question? If so, it would help if we knew a little about which MacBook Air model it is, what version of MacOS it is running and more details of the symptoms relating to the problems you are experiencing.

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    MBA 2011 250GB 13" 10.7.3


    Slow to wake up when lid opened. Seconds to wake. Far from instant.


    When removing Thunderbolt from projector and closing lid, reopening often leads to a failure to wake.



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    'Instant' in this instance would generally appear to mean around 2-3 seconds, based on what I see other users reporting as the length of time it takes recent MBA models to return to useable state from opening the lid. It certainly isn't 'instant', but shouldn't be much longer than that, though to a degree it appears to depend on how many processes the system has to restore to active status from being suspended.


    When you disconnect from the projector, prior to closing the lid, does the system otherwise appear to behave normally before subsequently failing to wake?

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    When presenting it is fine, although it is fussier when connecting and establishing a connection with the projector than was my MBP, but this is probably a configuration issue. The MBA however works fine once it is going. It just fails to operate again after removing the Thuderbolt and closing the lid. It's as if the video processor that rescales the image on the screen stops it from rebuilding a normal sized image once the CPU has slept.

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    That behaviour seems rather odd. I've seen something like that on other systems when using an external display and putting the system to sleep when disconnecting, or almost immediately after disconnecting, the display, before the system has had time to switch back to the internal and adjust the resolution - when coming out of sleep the system would appear to hang with a blank display because the resumed state didn't include the previously detected monitor - but I haven't experienced it at any other time.


    Perhaps the issue that that in addition to the system resizing the displayed image, Thunderbolt is slow to detect disconnection - meaning that if the lid is closed too quickly, the system doesn't have a resumable display configuration it can use. If you leave a longer gap between disconnecting and closing the display, does that reduce the incidence of failure to wake? Alternatively, instead of sleeping the system by simply closing the lid after disconnecting, if you tap the power button and then select 'Sleep', does that resolve the issue? In either instance, that would give the system a stable state to resume to.

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    My MBA 2011 13" (10.7.3) behaves similarly. Whenever I put it to sleep with lid closed and disconnect it from Thunderbolt display, it does not wake up properly. Now the OS is still running because I can ssh to it, but something keeps the display black. So far, the only solution was rebooting, which is pretty annoying when done once a day... I also have access to an older Cinema Display, and the MBA wakes up fine after disconnecting from that display.

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    Get exactly the same with my MBA 13" Mid 2011 SNo C02G3DEUDJWV. But it also struggles to wake up on it's own without the Thunderbolt monitor. Machine definitely running as I can hear the fan but black screen! Sometimes despite the black screen the Apple is lit up and sometimes it isn't! Overall wake-up is the most disappointing feature of the device, far worse than my earlier Intel MacBook and that in turn was far worse than my old Titanium PowerBook which woke up instantaneously. When it does this no amount of tapping any button power or Esc makes a difference, the device has to be rebooted. I also use a VGA monitor at work and that can also confuse the laptop.

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    I have had the same problem. My system is typically closed and connected via the display/thunderbolt port using and apple DVI adapter. When I am heading out somewhere, I tell it to sleep with the apple logo menu option, then I yank all the cables and cart it away.


    At the other site, when I open it up, sometimes it takes minutes, sometimes it stays black forever. The last time I tried it, it took a few seconds (maybe 10) then the screen flashed something and then went back to black and stayed there.


    Typical startup time from sleep is around 10 seconds for me. I do have lots of stuff running (almost 8GB with 4GB of RAM and 4GB of swap).


    I don't have a good sample size for restarts. The built in display stays black a good percentage of the time maybe 50%.



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    In a follow-up to my earlier post, I can say that my problem can be circumvented by first opening the clamshell, waiting a few seconds as the primary display switches to the built-in display, and only then unplugging the Thunderbolt display (now a secondary display). After doing this and going to sleep, my MBA wakes up fine. A bit inconvenient but better than rebooting...