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I've a 46'inch LG Flat Screen mounted onto the wall. And LG SoundBar mounted to the wall too. And at the sides of the wall, or maybe side table, there's the wireless subwoofer and xbox 360.


My question is, my TV has HDMI cable connected to SoundBar. And i've recently purchase AppleTV. But, i dont have anymore HDMI slots left. Except for my xbox360. Cause i want my son to play on my iPad 2 and watching his 'The Wiggles' videos on TV rather than on iPad.


Any ideas or ideas? Gladly appreciated it so much.

AppleTV 2
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    your question seem to be what to do about not having enough avaible hdmi ports


    there are switches people some people repport about issues with atv's and hdmi splitters

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    I have the same exact problem but have a ps3 in the mix. All you need to get is an HDMI splitter. I bouught one off ebay for around ten dollars and even cam with a remote to switch the input. When I want to use the ps3 I use input 1 and when I want to use the ATV I uswitch to unput 2. Pretty easy.

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    I bought myself a HDMI switcher. It's work pretty well at the moment.

    At first with my Xbox, it's works.

    And my soundbar. And lastly Apple tv.


    The next day, I try it again, and suddenly it's stated no signal. What's does it mean? I switch and switch the buttons frequently until I'm becoming crazy at the moment.


    As I goggle other discussion, mostly stated that switch off the whole inputs and switch on again. But doesn't works.


    What's does it mean? Any guidelines to use switcher?