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in mac book air how can we use external hard drive as storage of actual hdd.

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    Yes.  Connect an external drive in an enclosure via usb2 (slowest), firwire800 (faster), or thunderbolt (fastest if your computer supports it).  It will mount on your desktop when plugged in just like any othr volume.


    Here's OWC's selection of enclosures.  You can buy enclosures with or without drives already installed.  Th advantage of buying the enclosure and drive separately is that you can choose the enclosure you want as well as the drive you want to put in it.  But this approach wil cost a little more.

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    The Air has no Firewire port, however, The Thunderbolt port would support an adapter to Firewire if it existed, as well as Firewire through a Thunderbolt external display.

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    Oops....MacBook Airs running 10.5 can't connect to Thunderbolt displays, so there is no Thunderbolt for them.  This is the 10.5 forum.  If it was posted in the 10.5 forum in error (if you have a July 2011 MacBook Air, this would be in error), then of course you could use Thunderbolt.