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Hi All,


My White iMac 24" won't boot up anymore.

I noticed he was running slow lately and in the browser he crashed regularly so I need to reboot.

Using the power button I have to shut him down and reboot again, only, the last time, he refused to boot up.

Instead I got a solid black screen, and a solid white power light at the front... When booting the only thing I hear is a little buzz and then, nothing...


Several support forums said this wasn't very good and it might be the last breath of my iMac. Trying a few things, hoping they would bring him back to life couldn't help:

- Power on with "c" kept down

- power on with control+option+p+r was something I read

- Power on with "shift" kept down


nothing would work.


can anybody help me please?




iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)