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Hey! Hello again.

I have found myself in a very stressing situation: I can`t boot windows.


Windows can't be recognized as an OS right now.


I got a windows partition using bootcamp and I was happy with it for almost a year, but recently(the last week) I installed Avast and I don't know what happened, it deleted some file that allowed windows to load and when the windows loading screen ended, it always made my Mac to restart.

So, tired of seeing which files were required to make windows start, I created another windows partition with Disk Utility (boot camp didn't allow me).

And the plan was to have all my files on the new windows and then delete the "corrupted" one. But I'm a GENIUS (sarcasm), I didn't consider that the first windows partition was "official" and made by Boot Camp, so, now, the new Windows can't even appear on the white screen when choosing OS's.



I press Alt (option) on the white screen and only Snow Leopard appears. The only way I see to solve my problem is to backup my files on an external HD and delete the partitions (except for mac, of course).



I added a picture to show the mess I created, don't flame me, I'm experimenting.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Like 5months old