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I found a weird issue with Apple Proress and different Osx version


I was having a terrible headeach working with this codec for motion graphics and text on finalcut all the borders of the colors or lines was showing jitter or kind of aliasing problem. so bad that I use proress only for offline and doing all the onlines with uncompress. and I couldn't understand how people use this for broadcast quality.


but I found today something really weird, the same quicktime that look horrible jittering on 3 different computers with osx10.6.8 (2 of them with blackmagic design cards for final cut) when you playback on a 10.7 system or 10.5 system it looks perfect

I just don't understand what's going on?  any help? anyone experience the same thing?


this issue is the same on 422, 422HQ or 4444. the problem is on all format of apple proress

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    I'm wondering if it's just the way you're monitoring?  Is your material interlaced? 


    Tell us what your clip settings and sequence settings are. 

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    Hi Michael, thanks for your time


    actually it doesn't matter what settings you have on fcp or after effects or any software because just playing the quicktime in quicktime player it looks bad.

    at first I thought like you do, and I was driving mad changing setting on prores sequences until I give up and choose this codec just for offline editing. and believe I'm having this problem for about 1 year now so I tried everything.


    but today someone send me a 4444 prores file to add to an ending of a tv commercial,

    you can easy see the jittering on the borders of the text and graphics on Osx10.6.8 at quicktime player.


    I ask for a better quality file and they told me that they used prores for onlines and that they can see it ok. so I tried on my notebook with 10.7 and boom it looks perfect then I went to an old G5 with 10.5 and it looks perfect. but in 3 others mac with 10.6.8 it look awfull  (the ones that we use for edit) . this test was just hitting play on quicktime player.


    I would love to use prores for high quality editing and I can't don't want to update everything to 10.7....

    it should be any fix,

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    Quicktime player is not the ideal way to monitor video.  Much more accurate to view via a video card like an AJA or Blackmagic feeding an appropriate monitor. 


    First, make sure you are looking at the quicktime at actual size. 

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    Try installing the quicktime 7 player (available on the snowleopard install disk - possibly on other os disks).


    Show movie properties and enable the high quality option for the video track. 

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    yes I know.

    we do have blackmagic cards with video monitors. and of course you can see the jitter there too.


    the question is why it looks awfull on osx10.6 and it looks perfect on 10.5 and 10.7


    the quicktime test is just to get as basic as posible and you can see the big jittering awfull aliasing just on the quicktime player. plus why the same prores 4444 and 422 looks really bad at 10.6 and it's ok at 10.7

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    I really think it's something in the monitoring.  I work with prores all the time without this issue. 


    I'm working in 10.6.  Do you want to send me a short file to see if I see the problem or not?


    My email is in my profile. 

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    sure, I can't send you this file because is a coke tv commercial that we are working on.

    but I will send you a test file later.


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    Hi Michael, I couldn't find your email and I'm sorry I couldn't reply faster but I was really busy.

    ok, this is driving me mad.

    all of my computer with 10.6.8 are playing apple prores really bad. even playing back thru blackmagic to a monitor.


    but the problem I think is in the quicktime player and all this softwares are based on quicktime.

    so I just playback a test on osx10.6.8 and osx10.7 and took a picture (I know is not the way but this is a huge problem not a little aliasing or field order problem) just to show you how bad quicktime show apple prores on my computers


  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)
  • MP14MP14 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm uploading a quicktime to my ftp

    thanks a lot for your time

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    so you'll send me the link?

  • MP14MP14 Level 1 (0 points)

    yes I will send you that. I see really jagged borders on the red text. is the same quicktime file that the screenshoots links I wrote you early

  • Michael Grenadier Level 7 (20,340 points)

    I'm not seeing jagged borders on the screenshots. 

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    on the first link, the one that ends with 1068.png is terrible jagged especially on the red text and the more visible is the letter A because of the diagonal.

    it reminds me the horrible dv codec

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