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I have a 4th generation shuffle and when I plug into Itunes the message says it is corrupted.  I have done the following:

restored (several times)

unplugged and replugged in (several times)

called Apple support who had me delete an itunes plug in and re-plug in Ipod (didn't work)

Apple support sent me a new ipod after their attempt at fixing did not work

The new ipod is now giving me the same message


Any experience with the same problem and possible solutions?  I think it is something in my itunes software causing the problem since the new ipod has the same problem.   But I am not sure how to fix this...


Any suggestions are appreciated.   Thanks!

iPod shuffle (4th generation), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Have you tried installing a fresh of iTunes over the existing one by downloading the latest version from Apple's website?



    Do you have any other USB devices connected to your Mac when you try to sync your device? Do you have any security software running on your system?  What about any sort of Plug-ins?



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    Thanks for your response. 

    I tried re-installing the iTunes and that did not work.  I don't have any other USB devices plugged in.  Only a Time Capsule that is connected remotely.  The printer is hooked to the time capsule. No security software is loaded. 


    I wasn't sure about your plug-ins question...in the Finder window in my Library I found an iTunes plug-in listed called Quartz Composer and seems legit.  For Internet plug-ins I have several but not sure if they would affect the ipod.


    Interestingly enough, my superdrive has gone out too.  I took it in to be replaced and the new drive still won't play DVDs.  A different issue I know...not sure if the corrupted shuffle may affect the superdrive?  I don't know enough about the inside of computers to speak intelligently about this:)


    Thanks so much for your ideas.  Let me know if you have any other thoughts.  Greatly appreciated. 

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    The SuperDrive shouldn't have any affect on the iPod's connection with iTunes and your Mac.  Did the 4G Shuffle ever work before on your Mac?  At what point did it seem to start having these issues?  Was it after an update or after you installed a particular piece of software?



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    Yes, the original shuffle was purchased in Dec, so only five months old.  I had not plugged the shuffle in for a few months so I am not entirely sure of the sequence of events, but I did upgrade to Lion in February.   I don't think I had connected the shuffle since that upgrade until now.  Could that be the problem?  I am on the third shuffle now - all corrupted, so obviously the problem is with my computer.

    Apple Care helped me erase and reformat one of the ipods but it did not work either.  

    They will take the shuffle back and refund but I'd really like to figure out how to fix this...I like how small the shuffle is and was using it quite often. 

    Thanks for your help!

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    Maybe try trashing your iPod's plist file.  Head to ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iPod.plist (where ~ is your username) and drag it to your desktop. Then reboot your Mac quick and reconnect your iPod.  Any luck there?


    If not, there may be an issue with your iPod's kext (kernal extension).  There is no way to re-install that unless you can pull it off of a Snow Leopard disc or re-install your O/S.



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    Well, as it turns out both problems were a result of a Lexar JumpDrive I have been using.  It must not be compatable with OSX Lion.  I re-installed OSX and the ipod connected just fine and DVDs played.  I then connected the Lexar, used some of files, and disconnected.  I then tested the DVD and ipod -  both showing the same errors again. 


    It's a strange effect for a jump drive to have. I notified Lexar so they are aware of the issue.


    Thanks for all your replies...appreciate your time.

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    Glad to hear you have narrowed down the cause of the issue. For now, you might want to not use the jump drive or contact Lexar about the issue and see if they have any information they can offer.