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I am trying to get iWeb on my new (pretty much blank) computer. Can someone please tell me where Apple's official download for iWeb is? Or where I can buy the official version?


I can't get it from the Mac App Store, I can't get iLife discs from the Apple Store... What do I do?



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    Why don't apple sell it?

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    Apple did sell the boxed set up until last week, but have now withdrawn it from the store as it is unsupported.


    If you had done a search of this forum before you posted you would have found this out.


    New Macs only come with iPhone, iMovie and GarageBand, all apps that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store - iWeb and iDVD are being phased out because MobileMe is going at the end of June this year with iCloud coming in, so your only option to get iWeb is to look on either Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and purchase the iLife 11 or iLife 09 boxed set.  Both boxed sets contains the latest version of iWeb which is 09.

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    I'm confused. 

    I want to start making a club website and I just bought a MacBook Pro (upgrading from my old G4).  I read that iWeb is great for making simple websites.  However, Apple has phased it out?  What does iCloud have to do with that decision?

    So should I buy iWeb from Amazon or is there a better simple webpage making and publishing program that is Mac friendly?  BTW I am a MobileMe user--I'll switch over to the Cloud within a couple weeks before the time is up.  I mention that because I can publish via MobileMe, right?  Will I continue to have that option in the Cloud?

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    If yopu don't have an old copy of iWeb don't bother with it. There are lots of alternatives. I use RapidWeaver and like it.


    iCloud is different than mobileme. So after mobileme is discontinued at the end of June, no web hosting. I guess Apples opinion is no web hosting so no iWeb.


    If you publish to mobileme now then your published web site will disappear in a month. There is no web hosting in iCloud.


    Go to the the iCLoud pages and read about it. http://www.apple.com/icloud/

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    Well, no you won't switch your website over to iCloud, because iCloud WILL NOT be hosting websites.  MobileMe is being phased out at the end of June this year, so you will have to look for alternative hosting at somewhere like GoDaddy or HostExcellence. 


    iWeb and MobileMe went together for ease of publishing, so now Apple is phasing out MobileMe, they don't see a need to keep iWeb which is why it is being phased out.  iCloud is not replacement hosting so you'll need to look elsewhere.


    You can still get iWeb and publish somewhere else, but you could also look at alternatives such as RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Freeway Pro/Express and Flux 4.


    You will still be able to publish to MobileMe up until the end of June this year but you will NOT have the option of publishing to iCloud.  Find an alternative.

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    Publishing to MobileMe is not the only option with iWeb...




    No matter what application you choose, you will need hosting...



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    its a shame because iweb is so easy to use. i guess i'll just have to make sure i keep a copy of the one i currently have until it becomes obsolete.