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My old computer crashed and I just got a new one.  That is why I wanted to know if I could easily get all my songs from my ipod to the computer.  I want to make sure they don't erase.  If anyone knows please share.

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    You don't seem to have declared any of your system details in your profile or didn't select your details to be included in your post.  Those can help people give you correct advice.  To update that, click on "Your Stuff" near the top of a window on these discussion groups, then on "Profile".  Scroll down to "My Products" and either edit an existing one or add a new one.


    You should be able to find third-party software that can transfer music from your iPod to your computer.  The details will depend on what type of computer you have.  Do a Web search for "transfer music from ipod to computer" (without the quotes).


    By the way, you posted your question in a section intended for discussions of Apple's Wi-Fi base stations.  It would have been better to post it in a section for iTunes or (if you have a Mac) for OS X.