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This is maddening.  i have Apple TV 2nd Gen and it CONSTANTLY does this:  my network appears, shows strong signal, but it is not connected to internet.  OVER and OVER again.  Please help!


Other facts--we have a Bose Surround Sound system that has all compenents plugged into it.  I can see my network when I hit network, but if I go to configure WiFi, it has to search, then shows mine (sometimes) and I have to select it, type in u/n and password, and then it says "cannot connect to server".  meanwhile, my macbook, ipad, pc, etc are all happily connected to my WiFi.  And again, back to network and it shows my home net with strong signal.  This is the most irritating, irrational maddening process and I can't seem to figure it out!!!!  Can't see movies, can't test network because can't connect to iTunes, can't even see my home sharing to show pictures from my macbook.  ARGH.


I have tried restarting my Apple TV, restarting my wireless router, typing in my credentials, trying to run test network (since it shows it's connected but isn't), all to no avail.  My partner wants me to pitch it out the window.  I want to love it but it's making me crazy.


Can anyone help me??

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