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I bought my 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 machine back in May of 2010 and have been very happy with it until I put OSX Lion 10.7. Now I regularly get Black Screens Of Death when the screen just goes black and I have to restart the machine. With the amount of bug traces my machine has been generating to Apple I would have thought this issue should have been sorted out. What did they do in Lion which is so different from Leopard and why haven't they sorted this out?


If this continues then unfortunately I may have to consider moving back to Windows as I can't work like this. I've got GfxCardStatus running with Integrated Graphics but this means I can use my Apple Cinema Display.


Gotta say this is disgraceful behaviour by Apple as they haven't done anything about it.


Does anyone know anymore about the issue and why it didn't happen in Leopard?




MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    My keyboard seems unable to keep up with my fingers. It was supposed to read "I've got GfxCardStatus running with Integrated Graphics but this means I can't use my Apple Cinema Display"

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    Hi guys,


    This is himalaya from micro online in sydney , australia.


    the issue you all are facing related to BDOS, Freeze , no boot,  black screen. its all related to graphic card for the model 2010 15inch.all these randon issue have will go away after reflow.


    This whole production of macbook pro series of 2010 15inch have this issue which is related to NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphic card, which needed to be reflow.


    I Have fixed 9 of them in last 6 month and 17 of them in last 1 year.  some poeple use the heating gun, for them chances of damaing the board is high and fix last for short time only. Here , i use machines to reflow which is more reliable and accurate and maintain the temperatures according to my experience.


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