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Seems a perrenial - I use my 80gb Classic a lot as a source connected to my hi-fi, and an external amp for Dance sessions - much more than I use it through headphones.


If i connect via a 3.5 mm jack to 2xphono at the amp, I get a perfectly clean signal.


When i go via the Dock connector [surely meant to hook up with amps, and be top audio quality?] I get whistles moans etc. I assume this is the buffer memory buffering up from the Hard Drive, but it is getting worse, and is a real pain if listening to quiet / classical tracks.


As with other folk, it goes as soon as the music stops, but is an unwelcome accompaniement to the music stream!


Anyone got over this one [ yes, I have tried differnt cables, and no, they aren't dirty, nor not fully connected]??


Thanks to all for reading thus far.




iPod classic