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Hi all,


I want to upgrade my MAC PRO 3,1 (Early 2008) with a new Xeon E5462 2.8 GHz because I notice my new Lightroom 4 software runs slow specially when previewing the images. I have read that is useless installing a powerful graphic card like EVGA GTX 285 because Lightroom doesn't take advantage of CUDA. So I need to install another processor and I would like to double check with you guys some issues.


I need to buy an Apple Heatsink Kit for 2.8/3.0GHz Mac Pro Early 2008 076-1303. I have seen that in Apple User Guide appears a plate between the two heatsinks and I wonder if this kit is the right one. http://www.dvwarehouse.com/Apple-Processor-Heatsink-Kit-for-2.8/3.0GHz-Mac-Pro-E arly-2008-076-1303---NEW-p-38917.html


Or should I buy this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Mac-Pro-2008-Heat-Sink-076-1303-W-Divider-Plate-/2 51067450568?pt=US_Server_Fans_Cooling_Systems&hash=item3a74c944c8


I don't really know if the computer has one. It came with just only one processor.


Do you think is worth installing another processor? At this time my computer has 8 GB of memory (all memory sockets filled with 1 GB DIMMS)


I also was thinking in buying a SSD drive but I am using a RAID 0 with two WD RE2 drives and performance is really good. I guess upgrading to SSD won't improve Lightroom performace.


I really would appreaciate all your ideas and comments.


Best regards,




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