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So, come March, with the anticipated arrival of the long awaited and less-rumored iPad 3, I will probably be joining the throngs of people eager to get my hands on and fall in love with another Apple device.  But wait!  As I mull over the decision to purchase the iPad, I think to myself, hmmm, maybe I should go with the MacBook Air.  I currently have a 21" iMac, which, despite recent Lion Wi-Fi problems, I love.  What I'd like to do with the iPad is have the portability factor, mainly do a whole bunch of writing, and some photo editing, to the extent it allows.  I will, most likely, get an external keyboard, and an accomodating case to create a laptop like environment.  So, my question is which would be the better choice for writing, and also which will be the overall more enjoyable option.  I know that typically the iPad is for consumption and the MBA for production, but I guess I'm looking to hear from people who use one or both, and what their experience with either of them is.  Thanks.

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    While I don't have a MacBook Air, I do have a MacBook Pro (15") and an iPad 2. If I was trying to decide between the two, I would definitely go with the MacBook Air. While it is more expensive, I feel like it's more portable than the iPad if you were to be buying an external keyboard etc. Plus with the Air you would have flash capability. Photo editing is much easier on my MBP, and you have much more storage space/compatible programs on Air. Hope this helps!

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    Hi! I am new to Apple, but i love my White mac book that I had gotten used on ebay a couple months ago.  I have actually recently, considered the same thing you were debating.  Ipad or mac book air?  I am not sure, I have a kindle fire which i feel is great for reading books, not really interested in reading a book on an ipad.  I was thinking of a macbook air for on the go I am going to a new college in the fall and need access with me on the go...think its half the weight which is good.  I want it to be thin...however i do like parts of the ipad, i like that its sleek and the cases they have are amazing.  I am just not sure what to choose.  What did you end up choosing?  I am not going to want to buy a keyboard.... .  Any extra thoughts and advice would be great.

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    An iPad is a great supplement to a computer - if you had a desktop at your dorm/home, the iPad would be great to take to class. If you can only have one device, however, you will likely want a full Mac or Windows operating system, which means the Macbook Air. Office tools (word processing, spreadsheets, etc) are very limited on the iPad, multitasking is hard (you can't have a website and another program open side-by-side), and it's hard (if not impossible) to upload to Learning Management Systems with the iPad.