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Battery doesn't last for more than one day. Its the

4th time I restore the iPhone in 3 days

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    A day is about right.


    Have a look at this thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3391947


    That will bring the number of times it's been viewed up to 1136898.



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    I think I found the answer to the baterry drain. I been testing setting y setting to see whats causing the poor battery of my iPhones. I been testing my iPhone for a week now and two days ago I turn off the cel network search settings under Location Services and my battery was able to hold for a full day and a half and 7 h off heavy usage (email, texting, phone calls, Facebook, twitter). The main thing was that under standby there was almost no battery drain. I think that this setting was causing my phone to die by 5 pm every day. (I start my day at 6am). Now I'm able to last until the next day with out charging it!


    This is what I did a week ago


    1. reset the phone to factory settings with the computer ( I had to download the iOS since I did the last update via OTA)

    2. Setup 2 exchange accounts with PUSH, and iCloud with PUSH, iTunes match

    3. Turn off ping

    4. Turn off all system service in location services, exept compass calibration ( I use it with waze).

    5. My apps locations services I left on the ones I know I use


    Let me know how it goes!