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Hi everyone,


I have 2 Mac mini 10.7 fileservers. The first one runs 24/7 while the second one is scheduled to turn on late in the night to rsync changes. It has an external LaCie FireWire RAID attached. LaCie’s RAIDs can be set to ON, OFF, AUTO. I would like to use AUTO. What it does, is to power up the RAID once the Mac gets powered up and it does the same for powering down.


Now here comes the problem: The RAID has 4 HDs which all spin up one by one. The time this takes is too long for the server’s fast boot sequence. So it results in the RAID not being mounted and the rsync script failing due to its missing target destination.

If I do a reboot the RAID will always mount since it is not powering down when rebooting.


Is there a way to pause or delay the boot sequence so the RAID has enough time to get ready? It obviously should happen somewhere at the very beginning of booting, so login items and such are of no help. I read about this archived arcticle: http://support.apple.com/kb/TA21358?viewlocale=en_US


I checked that -setWaitForStartupAfterPowerFailure seconds is still available in 10.7, but the name suggests that it’s only meant for the option to automatically reboot after a power failure. I would like to try something like that, but at each boot, no matter how the boot is initiated (manually, scheduled, after power failure).


Any help greatly appreciated!


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    I don't think there is a way out of the box. However, a suggestion that comes to mind is to install Refit. Refit us designed to serve as a way to multiboot different OS.  But there is no reason why you cant use it for just one OS.What refit does is that by default, it waits ten seconds to boot your default OS. You can configure that to a longer time though.


    Check it out at http://refit.sourceforge.net/ and of course always do a backup before proceeding.

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    I know rEFIt, the developer is from Germany, too. But I totally did not think of using it for that! Thank you, this might just do the trick.


    I will leave this thread open for a while just in case there are other suggestions coming in. It’s always good to have some options. And I can’t try rEFIt right now anyways, because it’s a remote server and I have to wait for its next scheduled boot. So if anyone knows about a more official way to accomplish this I’d be glad to read about it. If not, I will just use rEFIt.


    Thanks again!


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    Just wanted to close this thread. I settled with using rEFIt and have set its timer to 60 seconds which gives the RAID plenty of time to get up and running. It works fine for weeks now. Thanks again!