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How do I transfer an imovie from a Macbook Air to another computer to burn onto a DVD?

MacBook Air
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    why don't you burn it from your air? then ...

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    Either You need a DVD-burner and iDVD on Your Mac Air - as it usually is extra


    or You need an external hard disk

    • must be Mac OS Extended (hfs) formatted - nothing else works for VIDEO

    • should be a FireWire one - IF Mac Air got a FW-connection else use USB2


    or connect other Mac - set in Target mode - so it works as an external hard disk

    (also needs FireWire to work)




    move project and events WITHIN iMovie Application - NOT on DeskTop/Finder as this will destroy it and iMovie loses connections to project and events. Very hard to repair to impossibly.


    Yours Bengt W