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Hi Apple forums, first post as a recently converted Apple Luddite!


Essentially I need some Wireless storage for my PC.


Decent capacity of around 2TB and I am choosing Wireless for the speeds being faster than USB2.0/3.0, my laptop has 802.11N so this is preferrable and the location of the storage device will be in close proximity, therefore chosen device has to be physcially portable and doesn't require mains power to function, other than to charge.


Now for the important part:


It needs to have iOS capabilities/apps so I can play my DVD's (which have all been converted to .mkv), watch any other movie files, play music and view photos on the iPad. I have a iPad3 and want to stream 1080p content to it as and when needed.


I currently have NO apps and NO experience in streaming any media to an Apple device so would like to know what software I need to be getting as well as hardware.


I would normally do my own research other than bother forum space but my needs are quite bespoke and there is too much information to gather together before finding the correct solution so help would be very much appreciated.


I hope I have provided enough information to accurately describe what I am trying to do and look forward to thoughts and opinions.



iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi