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Hey guys!

I recently left my macbook pro on the train and when I looked back to find it, it was already gone. I can only assume someone took it.

I've tried all the train stations and they said no one has handed it in.




Is there anyway of recovering the macbook at all provided I only have Snow Leopard on the macbook and I havent set up the Find My iPhone function on iCloud.


I do, however, have it linked to my iPod touch (through itunes) but I assume it won't do me any good.


So is there any other (unconventional) way of recovering it?


Here's a few things about the macbook:

- I have a wireless mouse usb thing still plugged into the macbook (I have the mouse at home) [I don't know how this is suppose to help though]

- It has all the Adobe programs installed (Photoshop...Illustrator etc...) [I was told by a friend that Adobe can SOMETIMES track the individual programs?]


If I can't recover the macbook, I will probably have it replaced. What can I do to increase the changes of recovering it IF I lose it again (or have it stolen again)?

"Find My iPhone" only works if the device is connected to the internet. If someone intentionally stole it, then wouldn't they just restore factory settings? Or keep it offline? If so, is there any other way of retrieving its location?

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    The government can track a computer everywhere it goes, but they don't extend such a service to ordinary folks due ot the costs involved.


    And yes, any theif worth their salt would have a geek strip it of software that could ratt them off before selling it far away from the scene of the crime.



    Sometimes the "find my device" and other tracking software catch the local dumb thief.



    All I can say is to file a form with the local police with your serial number, make model etc and hope for the best, but don't expect it to show up.



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