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I'm having some problems with my iPad and would like to do a restore, but I have a lot of apps organized into folders and I'm worried that this organization will be lost. If I do a restore, I know that the apps and their data will be restored, but a recent restore on an iPhone 3GS trashed most (but not all) of the folders. That is, the apps and their data were there after the restore, but a large number of apps that were in folders before the restore are now not in folders. The strange thing, to me, is that some of the folders were retained, but many weren't. Should a restore retain (or rebuild or restore) all of the folders? Both the iPad and iTunes (Win XP) are the latest versions.

Several, Windows XP
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    ive restored iphone 4 and ipad and both failed to retain any semblance of user created folders.
    its annoying but the folder creation set-up in itunes does make it a bit easier to restore order again.
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    Thanks kirisilvermane. Not the answer I wanted to hear, but nonetheless the one I expected. Anyone else?
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    One would think that restoring from a backup would keep the folder structure on your iPad. However, I have read on several threads, that even simply syncing to iTunes has screwed up a lot of users folder structures on their devices.

    From what I remember reading, it seems like the more folders you have, the "worse" the problem seems to be. I do remember reading one post where the user suggested keeping a couple of rarely used apps on the last screen to sort of "hold" the other folders on the remaining screens in place. The suggestion was also made to not totally fill up any one screen with folders. I can't say that I know that this will work - just stuff I've read.

    Again ... not what you want to hear, but it may be useful to you nonetheless. I have never had problems with my folder structure but I admit that my iPad is not loaded with apps and folders and I have never had to restore. I know I read a couple of posts where users claimed they had 700 or more apps in folders. Wow!
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    Thanks to you, too, Demo. I'd say Apple have missed the mark with this flaw in the Restore process. Imagine if you restored a computer from backup after a disk crash and all of your documents and programs were scattered all over the file system, no longer in the folders you had them in! Come on Apple, this is a BUG and is clearly NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
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    You can tell Apple how you feel by going to this link.
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    Thanks. I have submitted feedback on both the iPad and iTunes feedback pages. The iTunes feedback page doesn't have a specific "bug report" option like the iPad page does, but I think I have conveyed my 2 cents worth. I'd suggest that anyone else who's folder structure has been destroyed by the faulty restore also submit feedback on these pages. Maybe Apple will listen.
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    I am posting this quite a bit after the last post so I assume everyone has found a work around solution.  If not, go to this other discussion thread.  A solution to the problem is spelled out here.




    Still, I can't resist the opportunity to echo the comments of others...this is a glaring oversight by Apple.  Many solutions Apple offers in the OWN support documentation suggest doing a Restore.   OK, if they are offering this advice to so many people for so many problems you'd think they'd make it as simple a process as possible...which would include automatically rebuilding the app folder structure on the iDevice that is being restored. ARRGGGGHHHHHHH!


    Sadly, in this case...It just DOESN'T work!!!!!!!

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    I'm baffled by the usefulness and point of resorting from a back up. It's either random or ****.


    Firstly some apps restore back onto iPhone in the folders I had previously set up for them. But most apps just appear stretched out over 5 pages. So it means having to create new folders and trying to remember where the apps were kept pre-restore.


    But the most annoying aspect is that some apps just didnt restore. I've realised at least 3 are missing. There's prob Amy more. Plus half my notes are missing.


    When I did a phone back up I had about 300mb free memory from 16gb. When I restored the phone this increased to about 5gb free.  I'm guessing its to do with apps not keeping their data. Eg music, amazon music player and some games.


    Pretty rubbish feeling knowing next time I do a back up and restore some more stuff will go missing.


    Fed up.