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A friend of mine has an ipad (wifi an 3G) and is going travelling for 18 months around the world with no laptop.

Whats the best was to backup photos that are on the ipad without iTunes being available ?

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    lllaass Level 10 Level 10 (142,155 points)
    I would use the Cloud serve DropBox. There is app for it. The first 2GB of storage is free.
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    I did think of dropbox

    But how do i copy all photos from the iPad photo album over to it ?
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    David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6 (9,200 points)
    You can only copy one photo at a time when sending from the iPad to your DropBox account. And it will be compressed, loss of quality.

    Open DropBox... Press the '+' sign, low left in the app window. Pick the photo from the popup window that you want to send to your DropBox account.

    To get around sending one photo at a time and recompressing the photo. You can setup an email account for your DropBox. It's easy to do so and you can send more than one photo at a time. Go to this web page to setup your email address DropBox account:
    After your email account is setup there will be a folder called 'From Habilis' in your DropBox account to where your photos will be saved too.
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    Came across this old post while trying to find out how to do exactly what you seem to be suggesting to the OP, namely get some photos from Photos on my iPad to my DropBox. But that 'habilis' site seems to be of no value now?


    Can you advise please?



    Terry, UK

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    You don't need dropbox... iCloud takes it and backs up your photos automatically. THen when he does go into iTunes, all his pictures will be in the cloud.

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    I don't use icloud or iTunes. I use Dropbox. Hence my question.



    Terry, UK