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I have an iPad 2 WiFi+3G with a Verizon dataplan on it that still has plenty of data/time left.


I'm gonna reset it to it's factory conditions and get a NEW iPad 2 WiFi+3G.


My question: will my previous Verizon 3G dataplan -- with my same Verizon 3G account and all the data/time I still have left on it -- carry over to the NEW iPad 2 WiFi+3G?  


Failing that, will my Verizon 3G dataplan account still be there at all in the first place?


Or will everything -- my Verizon 3G dataplan account AND all the data/time it still has left on it -- go bye-bye and I"ll have to start a NEW Veizon 3G dataplan account? 


Thanks in advance!

iPad 2, iOS 5.1