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I have a 5th generation iPod that, when attached to my Mac G4 (OS 10.5.8) causes iTunes to hang with the spinning beach ball of doom, until forced quit. The iPod will show up on the desktop, and I can move (copy) files to and from the iPod.


I tried the troubleshooting tips as per Apples articles. Also tried putting the iPod in "disk mode" but can't get it to work. I can reset the iPod, and it works fine from the wheel.


I should also add that the problems started when I was connecting to a different computer and iTunes started to sync to my iPod, then froze. Now all of my music / media is no longer on the iPod. (It was all on iTunes so I should have no problem restoring the media, if I could get it to sync)


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

G4 1.25 Ghz MDD, Mac OS X (10.4.8)
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    This is the procedure for Disk Mode




    However, since you say you can copy files to it from the Desktop (like it was a hard drive), I'm not sure if putting it into Disk Mode will help.


    And just to confirm, this is the procedure you used to reset the iPod




    I'm thinking that the hard drive volume in the iPod became corrupted when it was connected to the other computer and "started to sync to my iPod, then froze."  It's also possible that these problems, when you connected it to the other computer and the current iTunes lockup issue, is due to a hardware problem on the iPod's hard drive.


    I did the following to fix a problem with an older 4th gen iPod.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  It's possible that this will not work, if there is a hardware problem on the iPod's hard drive. 


    With iTunes NOT running, connect the iPod.  Run Disk Utility.  The iPod should appear in the Disk Utility sidebar, like an external hard drive.  Select the iPod's hard drive (NOT the volume indented below it) in the sidebar.  Go to the Erase tab.  Select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as Format.  Name it anything you want.  Then, Erase it.  Hopefully, it will complete the erase, because if it does not, there may be a hardware problem on the hard drive.  And since the iPod software was just erased, it will be non-functional if a hardware problem on the iPod's hard drive prevents it from being reformatted.


    When the erase completes, quit Disk Utility and run iTunes.  iTunes should recognize the iPod without locking up.  Decline any setup windows that pop up about "syncing" (choose no/cancel).  You want to get to the main iTunes window, where you can choose the iPod in the sidebar (under DEVICES) and do a Restore.  The Restore will put the latest version of software back on the iPod.  You can proceed from there and sync your music.

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    Sounds kinda drastic, but makes a lot of sense.


    I did perform a disk "repair" with Disk Utility; on both the drive and the volume, and the results were good. ("volume repaired")


    And, to confirm, yes those were the procedures that I used to reset and attempt to put into disk mode.


    My only concern would be that if the iPod is completely erased, will iTunes still recognize it as an iPod?


    Thanks for the reply!

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    I have not done this with a 5th gen iPod, but it worked with a 4th gen iPod.  iPod was recognized by iTunes and doing a formal Restore (now that iTunes could see it again), erased it again and installed the software.


    It is somewhat "drastic," so you should do other things you can think of first.  If you have an Apple Store nearby, one of those things might be to make an appointment at the Genius Bar and have them try (using the latest iTunes).


    When you did a Repair using Disk Utility, did it actually do some "repairing" or did it just come up with no problems?  (I think the message says "Volume repaired" at the end, even if nothing was done.)

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    Yes, there were a couple of things that came up during the repair, but not many. Of course, I didn't take note of what they were.


    Regarding the Genius Bar, I'd almost trust myself before I'd trust those guys! ;-)


    But yes, that might be a good idea before going for the last resort.


    Thanks again.

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    It worked! Thank you!


    The erase worked fine, but iTunes had trouble with the first restore. A window came up saying that the, "iPod may be corrupted." Then it gave me the choices to disconnect and reconnect, or restore again. Well I tried the disconnect first but the iPod became unresponsive. I then tried to reset the iPod (locally.) This time the reset screen stayed on for a long time and so thought the iPod was damaged. After waiting it out (about 10 - 15 minutes) it came back to life, iTunes recognized it and I was able to re-restore it, this time with great results.


    Moral of the story: be patient with all the restores, resets etc. Let the little machines do their work!


    Thanks again for your help!


    --Barry, Porter Ranch, CA

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    Good news.  Thanks for reporting back with the outcome.