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I can barely express how enraged I get at Apple's incompetence sometimes.  This is one of them.


I entrusted my photos to iPhoto, most of them taken with my iPhone.


When I got back to view photos I have not seen for a while I find some percentage of them either


1. Gone, and I get a black screen saying the photo cannot be found, even though the thumbnail was there.


2. Randomly rotated.  Some photos are taken rotated and I rotate them to the correct aspect when I upload them to my computer.  I go back at some point and these photos are rotated.  I rotate them back, and then go back and forth and they get rotated again.


3. The latest one is the aspect ratio of the photo is distorted, like looking through a funhouse mirror ... usually way stretched out horzontally.


Does anyone else have these kinds of problems?  The missing and rotated pictures I have always seen a few of, but the distortion is new - immediately after the last upgrade of a day or two ago.


I am pretty sure I am not doing anything wrong but this is really bugging me that I cannot trust Apple with my data, especially photos.


What could explain this ?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 27" and 24"
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