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Yesterday everything was fine, nothing wrong at all.

But today when I started my iMac he first didn't show my external hard drive so I thought maybe my hard drive is broken so I tried instead of FireWire an USB cable but that didn't work either. So I tried connecting it to another computer and it worked so the problem must be with my Mac somewhere.


Now my Mac goes extremely slow and when I do 'Shut down' it takes minutes to get him powered off completely.


Now after a few minutes my Mac sees my Hard Drive again but the Hard Drive usual Icon isn't showing and when I open it to browse through it, it goes extremely slow. It looks like he is initializing everything on my hard drive, so I can't copy or open anything that is on it because it goes so slow.


Can someone please help me because I don't want to lose everything I have of movies etc...

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)