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I have an iphone 4, @ 15 months old.  My camera sort of stopped working recently, and I wondered if anyone had any ideas.  I am unable to take pics or videos thru the camera app that came with my phone; it just maintains the "spiraly" thing, and the buttons on the bottom flash a bit.  My children, knowing so much more about computers and apple products than I do, downloaded the smug mug camera app, and I am able to take pics and videos with that, so I know that the camera itself actually still works.  It's just a problem with the icon/app itself.  It's a bit inconvenient to send off pics thru smug mug, therefore, I'd love to be able to take pics the normal way!!


Any ideas?

iPhone 4
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    Basic troubleshooting steps clearly outlined in the User Guide are restart, reset, restore from backup, restore as NEW.


    Go through these steps sequentially until your problem is solved.  If after these 4 steps you're still having problems, then you likely have a hardware issue and will need to bring your phone into Apple for replacement.