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  • 105. Re: iOS 4 breaks A2DP on 3GS
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    Ive never had much use for Bluetooth, then i got a Sabre Handsfree, sounds cool, watching tv in car and listening through My Volvo Sound system, BUT.....I recently bought a I_Wave Bluetooth Music Reciever 30 pin dock onto speaker and bob's your uncle, apart from every seconds theres a half second drop, and on it goes, 12345drop12345drop12345drop....get the picture, now i wonder if all the timimgs are 5 or six seconds, if so, im not a genius but that would in my eyes sound like a clock, frequencie problem, like pc's run a clock.....anyway we paid all this money out for the best bit of kit on the Planet and a simple comms prob, i wonder if this is hardware, otherwise by now i think this would have been fixed......Sonos runs bluetooth,,,,so my I phone cant do what they said it can do, so there for in a court of law i could be due for a full refund, and while i'm at it, for two years the 3g network with one of the big ones here in the uk as been none exsistent, my phone, 3rd one, one replaced by apple, ( Thanks ) as never been any good on 3g....if this is not going to be solved, i want a phone, not a games hand held........DOES APPLE READ THIS IF SO I COULD BE MISSING AN END RESULT HERE....As this problem been resolved, if not then this also might be a problem on th IPad, which my wife is due to by me, On Hold until i get reasurance this as a fix, and its not hardware, if so then my love of music, it would be a waste of time us buying two IPads, dont you???




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  • 106. Re: iOS 4 breaks A2DP on 3GS
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    If you don't learn how to punctuate properly instead of writing a half page long sentence, no one is going to read it at all.


    Apple does not read these forums or respond here. This is a user to user forum.

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