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    norman_bates Level 3 Level 3 (670 points)

    You're wrong. iOS 6 hasn't been released yet and Siri is already running on the 4S, in fact it is the biggest selling point for the 4S to people that have the 4.


    I know that the new iPad doesn't have it yet and that users will have to wait until iOS 6 is released in Autum.


    My original question was answered swiftly and I marked the thread as answered. I merely responded with my opinion, following that others decided to comment and I am merely responding as I am being made to look thick!

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    ThatguyfromThatplace Level 3 Level 3 (750 points)

    I think the other reason that iPad 2 won't be getting Siri is that both the 4S and 3rd Gen iPad have the new-ish microphone that helps with picking out structured sentences over background noise, which is why Siri tends to work even if you're in a large crowd, could contribute somewhat to the processors in them, but I'm not much of a hardware guy, so I could be completely wrong, haha

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    tonefox Level 6 Level 6 (8,300 points)

    Comprehension:  "Siri will only work on the 4S and the new iPad under iOS6" does not preclude the fact that it has always worked on the 4S. The statement is correct. Perhaps if I add mathematical expression:  "Siri will only work on (the 4S) and (the new iPad under iOS6)".


    I will concede ambiguity.  :-)

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    norman_bates Level 3 Level 3 (670 points)

    I completely understand that with iOS 6 it will only work on the two devices. What has sparked this whole 'off topic' path of my original question is that I am ****** because I feel that my iPad is very capable of running Siri.


    You have (unlike the others) offered a reasonable explanantion as to why maybe Apple are exluding Siri from iPad 2, that's the microphone bit

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