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Airport express is disappearing when using it for streaming music. This is a problem that started occurring over the last week or so after working without problems for a year.

I have the AX setup for streaming of music on a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard (wireless internet access through D-Link655) with iTunes and Spotify (using Airfoil).


After restarting the AX it works for a little while or so until it suddenly stops, the status indicator on AX is green so it should be fine but AirPort Utility cannot find the AX after it has been dropped. The only way to get it back is to unplug the AX and then let it start again.


I have reinstalled the AX, turned off the IPv6 in AirPort preferences, the AX firmware is up to date. Sometimes I get the -15006 error message that the PC cannot connect to the AX while starting to stream from iTunes to AX and sometimes not.


Anyone who can help to solve this annoying issue?

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    I had exactly the same problem for many months. Tried lots of proposed solutions, but none worked. Airport Express SEEMED connected (green light), and initially appears in the bottom right 'pop up' of iTunes, but when I clicked to connect I got the same error message (-15006), and the AE promptly disappeared. I'm using a VirginMedia Superhub for Internet, and had added the AE just for streaming music.


    FINALLY - solved (today):


    * noted the MAC address of the AE (using Airport Utility) - this is unique to the AE, so never changes

    * went into the Admin settings of the Superhub, and noted the IP address it was allocating to the AE (this was visible BEFORE AE vanished from iTunes - when the AE vanishes from the Superhub too) - it was

    * THEN manually assigned this IP address to the AE using the Superhub settings


    The Superhub restarted, I restarted iTunes, and Lo! all is working fine now for streaming music via the AE.


    Not sure how long this solution will last - but I'm pretty sure the problem was caused with IP address allocation, so hopefully all is sorted for a while.


    Hope this helps!