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I tried to restore my iphone to factory settings and now I am stuck at the activation screen. The message reads"Your Iphone could not be activated because the activation Server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iphone to iTunes to activate or try again in a couple of minutes". I am going on 3 days now. The phone is connected to my computer. Itunes is open but there is no indication that the iphone is connected. Apple support told me via email to uninstall itunes and re-install it. I did but the result is the same. When I try to restore/activate it appears to process and the following mesage appears" It may take up to 3 minutes to activate your iphone" but after the time expires it goes right back to the message above. When I hold down the home button, Emergency Call, Start Over, WiFi Settings and Cancel buttens appear. Nothing else works with or without the SIm card removed. Currently only my Wifi connection seems to register. can you help?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    First, try disabling your antivirus and firewall, then try again. If that fails:


    Open the hosts file on your computer and delete any lines that contain gs.apple.com.


    Windows - c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    Mac - /etc/hosts


    It is a hidden file, so you will have to view hidden files to see it.