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Hi all,


Basically I've just used a reliable, tested program to rip a DVD of an old VHS recording my cousin gave me. The intention is to cut out the bit he was in and make it avaialbe to him as a digital video.


The problem I'm having is that for some reason Quicktime and Final Cut are refusing to recognise either the mv4 encoded rip or the mp4 one. The program has always worked before so I doubt it's enciding it wrong and I've got reems of other m4vs and mp4s that play fine in Quicktime X and 7. It's just this one video that seems to be an issue.


I have Kigo Video Converter which is also reliable and much tested and tried converting the mp4 to an avi to see if QT or FC would handle that. All it does is freeze the program, something that has never happened before.


I've honestly never had this much trouble converting home-made DVD burns into digital videos, I've done it many times before myself using numerous methods. I'm also well-versed in digital video formats and encoding and I can't find anything technically wrong with it. I'm baffled.


Any help would be greatly apprectiated, even if it's just that you've had the same problem. At least then we can band together and see if Apple will recognise it as an issue with QT.





Quicktime, Mac OS X (10.6.8)