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I have a linux server that is running a printer with default queue named: printer.

I want to connect lion to it.

So i created a printer by adding a ipp printer.

It did not work, so I went to:


found the added printer there and modified as ipp http and raw queue and link to linux server as:


i was able to test a print page , but the printer is not showing in printers menu?


any ideas?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The issue will be that you've made it a local RAW printer. These do not appear in Print & Scan pane. If you want to see the printer in Print & Scan then you should select a supporting PPD or a Make other than RAW. Note that some vendors printer drivers have not been designed to work with cross-platform connections. So you may have to look at an open source driver if the printer does not support Postscript.

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    Problem solved. It turns out that Mac OS X doesn't listen by default to CUPS broadcasts that advertise network printers running on other CUPS servers. So, on a terminal session at the Mac, just type


    cupsctl BrowseProtocols='"cups dnssd"'