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I'm struggling with my Safari bookmarks in OS X Lion.


Since upgrading to Lion and activating iCloud for bookmark sync, when I add a new bookmark or bookmark folder, it doesn't show in the bookmark menu. if I open show all bookmarks it is there in the 'Bookmarks' part of the tree, but they are not showing through in the Bookmarks menu part. I think that the problem is that iCloud is interfering, because they do show up on my iOS devices. It seems to me that iCloud is putting all new bookmarks in the portion of the database which relates to iOS/iCloud and is not keeping these in sync with the ones on my local mac.


At the moment I have to remeber to open two windows, both open at the Show All Bookmarks page and manually copy the new iOS-friendly bookmarks into the local menu so that they appear there in the futiure, which is a pain to put it mildly.


Has anyone had this and found a fix?

MB Pro and Windows pc, Windows 7