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Hi all,


My computer recently started taking about 30+ seconds to sleep. I have cleared the printer queue, checked CPU % in activity monitor, etc. Nothing seems to jump out. I ran pmset -g log in terminal and got this as the application that timed out:


* Domain: applicationresponse.timedout

- Message: Kernel PCShowServerPMWr com.apple.powermanagement.applicationresponse.timedout 30000 ms

- Time: 3/28/12 1:41:31 PM PDT

- Signature: PCShowServerPMWr

- UUID: 20CE1626-7FA4-40E3-A85A-CF0156A5B2F5

- Result: Noop

- Response time (ms): 30000


What is PCShowServerPMWR?? I've deleted it in activity monitor and it just pops right back up...Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    In case anyone else has this issue, I figured it out:


    It was caused by some file in my Library called NDSPShowserver. Deleted the folder and everything went back to normal. Think it may somehow be linked to Spotify...Anyway, hope this helps someone else.

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    Hi LA2Melbourne


    thanks for this tip.  We had a VERY SLOW initiation of sleep mode.  did the pmset -g log and came across the same  "PCShowServerPMWr" timing out at 30000ms...


    I did a web search on both "PCShowServerPMWr" and "NDSPShowserver", and apparently it is related to DirecTV2PC application people have been installing trying to watch DirecTV shows on the Mac.


    deleting the offending ~/Library/NDSPShowserver folder did fix our slow sleep mode.  Now it only takes a split second to go to sleep mode instead of hanging for like, 30 seconds.  I don't know what "Spotify" is, but thought I'd mention the link between the NDSPShowserver and DirecTV for other people who may come across this problem.


    so.. thanks!  saved me a pain of having to do a clean install of the OS to fix this.

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    I would like to add to the discussion.  This completely fixed my issue.  Thank you LA2Melbourne & A H1.  And shame on you DirecTV!  haha

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    Delting the directv program worked for me also I'm so happy thanks soo much guys . The slow go to sleep delay was driving me crazy lol

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    Search the web for EasyFind App. Install it. Use it to search for PCShowserver. Delete the files it finds. Restart. Test your sleep function.


    Hope this helps.