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I have purchased a TV series assuming that something as obvious as ENGLISH subtitles are included.

Lets say it still makes it okay because I only paid for the TV series, not the subtitles. I do not understand why itunes does not have a simple feature such as adding an srt file onto a movie. PLEASE tell me there actually is a way to do that, and that I am inexperienced with the itunes.

As english is not my first language I will need subtitles in order to enjoy the movies I have purchased. I do not want to see a reply such as "it is your responsibility" to check the subtitles availability. If the issue cannot be resolved, I would like to get my money back so that i can purchase a DVD instead with subtitles. and I do not want to use other random paid softwares to add subtitles. As intuitive as apple experience it should be, I did not expect to struggle to apply subtitles for my movies.

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