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Can I upgrade my eMac to Snow Leopard OS? I plan on having one gig of memory.

Mac OS X (10.4.11), eMac PowerMac 4.4
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    No eMac can run Snow Leopard 10.6. SL requires an Intel processor, not an upgradable option on your computer.


    If your processor speed is 1ghz or greater (from "About the s Mac"), you can run Mac OS 10.5 LEopard. Your RAM will ned to be maxed to 1GB as you plan even to run Leopard with any hope fo performance. The version of iTunes that can run on OS 10.5 will, for the moment, support syncing with iDevices.


    Apple no longer sells Leopard on their web or retail stores. However, if you are in North America, you can phone the Apple Store at 1-800-MY-APPLE and ask for an operating system specialist, then tell them you bought an iDevice (iPod, IPhone, iPad) and need 10,5 to sync. If they have something available, you can order it from them. However, expect to pay the original retail price of US$129.


    Finding 10.5 on the open market can cost you twice as much. If that is not satisfactory and you cannot continue to use the eMac with 10.4 as a result, you need to shop for an Intel Mac.

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    Allan, Thanks for the reply. I will upgrade from 640 mb to 1 gig and install Leopard. I looked online and found a site called Soft Buy. They had Leopard for under $30. Are they legit?

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    Probably not.

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    Any offered download of a Mac OS is illegal.