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this was in a thread a while ago, but i never got a definitive answer.  i have a handful of video files that are tagged as "TV show" in iTunes on my mac.  to be clear, they are in the TV Shows category in the iTunes library, NOT movies.  i have itunes set to automatically sync unwatched episodes of TV shown onto my iPad, which it does succesfully - sort of.  of course, to watch these on my iPad i should use the built-in Videos app. the problem is, videos will not show the tv shows that i have synced.  and it's even worse than that – there's not even a "TV Shows" tab at the top of the screen when i launch the videos app.  it's just plain not there:  the tabs are Movies and Shared, and that's it.


before you ask if i actually synced the tv shows, they are most definitely on my iPad, and in fact i CAN watch them, but to do so i have to do a search for the title of the show.  when the title pops up in search results, i select it and the video plays just fine.  so its not the end of the world, but it's annoying.  i want to be able to browse the shows i have on there rather than search for them, and i can't.  please help.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)