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I'm debating between an 11" and 13" macbook air. I plan on maxing the RAM out to 8 GB on whichever one I choose along with a 128 GB SSD, maybe 256.


I plan on buying a high end iMac with it as well to have at home, so keep that in mind. This wouldn't be my primary machine at home, just for traveling. I'd use it for basic things, college (taking notes, microsoft word), music library, browsing, photoshop, video editing (not alot), maybe some light gaming.


I really like the small portable light 11" model, i'd imagine that I could keep it in my backpack and not even notice that I have a computer on me, but i'm not sure if the screen is too small. The 13" on the other hand isn't that big, but not too small. It does seem to cross the "ultra portable" line though, compared to the 11". I'd love to hear opinions from people who own either or both of the sizes. Thanks.

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    The general consenus on these threads is a summation of the following:


    - The 11" owners love and swear by the ultra portability of their machine.

    - There's a subset of these owners that wish they had gotten the larger screen

    - There's a subset of owners who believe the 13" MBP is too "bulky" to carry around all day


    - The 13" owners love and swear by the portability of their machine and the extra screen real estate

    - There's frequent comparison between this model and the 13" MBP over which is better and why.

    - There is much appreciation for the 1440 x 900 resolution in the 13" package while maintaining the MBA profile.


    I'd tell you that you need to make the decision yourself as you're the person using the machine everyday. In addition I'd also strongly encourage you to try and get some "hands on" time with both units. The 11" model isn't for everyone and it's difficult to adequately describe why that is until you sit in front of one and do some web surfing or document composition.


    Sadly I forget (at the moment) which member said this recently but it was a fantastic statement about the 11" MBA (paraphrased): "This model is for people that know they want the screen size not think they want it. If you're unsure it's better to go with the 13" model."

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    You really need to sit down and use both the 11" & 13" MBA for a while and decide on your own. If you are intent on buying a MBA, one of them will click with you. I've seen lots of people walk in to the store where I work part time intent on buying an 11" but walk out with the 13" - and we've had a lot of people walk out with the 11" but return it for the 13" too. Not too many switch the other direction (from the 13" to the 11"). I love the idea of the 11" but hate the reality of it - it is just too small for me. But that's just me.

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    I selected the 11" MBA specifically wanting a netbook size devise.  I have an iMac as well and use it I am doing something like a PowerPoint type presentation or a larger Spreadsheet.  I have always less-than-great eye sight and yet have noticed no issues what-so-ever with the MBA for things like email, FaceBook, small spreadsheets, games, FaceTime, and many other more mobile type apps that many people use Smarphones for.  Love the small form factor.  We also have an iPad which is great fun and can perform many of the same things the MBA can perform.  The down-side of the iPad is that most applications and browsers look and navigate differently from a MBA or iMac.  If I knew I would be going back and forth between my notebook type devise and my iMac, I strongly favor the MBA over our iPad.