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wow, to register a question in apple area is not trivial...to continue

could not find most of the relevant suggestions regarding selecting/printing more then one contact. It always (here) shows only 1 contact at the same time

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    In Address Book, there are several ways to choose address book cards to be printed.

    1. Place all cards to be printed in the same Group, then click on the Group name in the left column to select the entire group, then File, Print.


    2. Hold down the Command key while clicking on individual Name cards in the middle column. The selected Name cards are highlighted (Some details intentionally obscured in the attached images).

    To select a long contiguous list of cards, click the first desired Name card in the list and hold down the Shift key while scrolling to the final desired Name card and click to highlight all the cards in between.

    You can still deselect individual Name cards by holding Command and clicking that card.

    Screen shot 2012-06-27 at 7.44.28 AM.png



    To Print: File, Print will display the selected cards in print preview.


    Note that cards not containing any address information are NOT displayed for printing.

    In my example, the ''Karen" Name card was among the four selected above, but because the card contains no address information, it does not appear in the print preview below.


    Screen shot 2012-06-27 at 7.43.53 AM.png

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    the whole joke is you cannot export nor print your telephone contact details (without addresses). Even if you buy this hilarious application called "numbers". That really s&cks...a pitty for my eur 15 or so....


    Only by selecting all of your contacts in "Addressbook" meanwhile pushing "option" button you can save them as a bunch of vcards but not that easliy to manage into other files.


    Apple is beautiful but abusing their popularity with a tremendous lockinn which even Bill Gates start blushing.....

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    Printing a simple phone list is a breeze.


    To print, open Address Book, select the cards by whatever means, then File, Print, (press the 'Down' blue arrow next to the printer to reveal all options, if necessary), in the Style section, select List, and in the Attributes box, checkmark the field(s) you want to print. Zoom in to the preview pane with the control at the lower left, if necessary, to view details, as I've done to make the example screenshot below.

    Screen shot 2012-07-04 at 6.23.17 PM.png


    We're all users here. I don't speak for Apple, and I'm not an employee. I try to answer questions within my limited areas of expertise to help people.

    If you really came here just to rant, instead of to ask questions and actually receive answers, I suggest you try some other online community or support avenue.


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    Page 231 begins the section on using Address Book data and vCards in Numbers:


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    Either 'printing a simple phone list is a breeze' exagerates, or my desired list of name, address and telephone must be way too complicated for Address Book. There is no way to select the desired address* if a contact has more than one (and many do), so the list is far longer than it needs to be, because of this unwanted information. Nor is there any way to select such basic details as font, or size, or margin width. Never mind that I might want a different sorting, or arrangement, such as address coming after telephone number.


    Just how does one print a list of name, address (only one) and telephone (again, I'd prefer to be able to select which one) from Address Book?


    *An Apple Support document I found does say that by using Edit>Edit Distribution List… one can select the preferred address. One can, but it makes no difference at all to what is printed; I still get every address on the card.