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I recently switched from an imac running os x snow leopard to a newer one running lion. I use protools Le 8.0.4 with an avid mbox, gen 003. This combo always worked great under snow leopard. I installed it in lion and it also works like a charm, except i just bought logic pro 9 from app store, and it seems to get stuck in "checking midi drivers" at startup.


I looked at several previous posts and found the solution was to delete the old digidesign midi drivers from the library>audio>midi drivers folders, which i did and now logic is apparently working fine. Problem is, obviously protools doesn't work now. So it's either one or the other with this solution. There are 4 plugin files in this folder: digidesignfirewiremidi.plugin, avid mbox promidi.plugin, digidesignmbox2midi.plugin, digidiomididriver.plugin.


Am i going to have to keep deleting/restoring these files from the midi drivers folder whenever i wanna switch from logic to protools in the future?? Is it safe to keep doing this long term, or is there another solution i haven't found?


Also, does anyone out there know if it would be helpful to upgrade to protools 8.0.5? Or would i just be asking for more trouble?


Thanks in advance...

Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Imac 27", i5@ 2.7ghz, 4 gb ram