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When I plug in my I Phone it runs through the sync process but when I try to sync my data I get the message " The Iphone is synced with another i tunes library. Do you want to erase this i phone and sync with this library. Of course I do not want to erase the contents on my phone.

I had another computer that had i Tunes on it and I was synced to but it crashed and it is gone. I have only one i device at this time.


How can I fix this problem



Windows 7
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    You should be able to:

    • Backup the device to the new installation
    • Transfer your purchases into a newly authorized library
    • Recover any other media using third party tools as suggested in this post
    • Restore the device from the backup

    This process should switch the association of the device to the new library, preserving the data and settings in your apps.


    May also be prudent to attempt a backup to iCloud directly from the device before you start... Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > iCloud Backup > On. It won't save any media but it would preserve the general account settings and documents in case anything goes wrong while you are trying to extract your other data.


    When you get it all fixed, make a backup!