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How can I get Preview to only initiate a search after I have fully typed in the word or phrase.  It immediately jumps into a search when I have not fully typed in the word I am searching on.  This bogs down the search and stalls my ability to type the phrase into the search box.


Thanx All for your assistance!

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    Preview? I think you mean Spotlight ...



    Mac 101: Spotlight

    Spotlight tips

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    No, Preview. 


    Do a search on a PDF in Preview and it will not let you finish typing the word or phrase before it starts searching the document.  For instance in the Search box type "testing" as soon as you get "test" inputted it initiates a search and then your typing of "testing" hangs while it continues searching for "test".  This is irritating as all get out and is a real hassle.  I don't remember Preview doing this before Lion.