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I know this question has been asked a million times but i really do not know whether i should buy it or not. Its less than 10 days before the warranty expires and i still do not know whether i should or not. Nothings much been wrong with my macbook its just sometimes the airport goes funny but after i go to the diagnostics thing, it gets fixed up and occassionally whenever the macbook is asleep, i remember once or twice the screen was black and i had to restart the computer and everything was fine afterwards...should i buy it or not? i have 3 days to decide!

Its just $429 for applecare (AUS) is quite expensive for another 2 years - but i'm scared something will happen as i use the macbook EVERYDAY (always putting it to sleep - is this good for the mac?) and i'm planning to take it to uni next year. My mum says not to buy it cos its so expensive for another two years. And if you guys say buy off ebay - how do you know its authentic? And if like something does happen (touch wood) how much do repairs cost? (e.g. the battery, display, airport or something inside)? How long does the macbook last?

What should i do? Pleaseee help me decide, i really do not know!! Also, if you purchase it the day before it expires, will it still work? Thanks in advance!

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    That really depends. It's a big gamble not to get AppleCare; you have to decide if any repair costs over the next two years would total less than $429.



    And if you guys say buy off ebay - how do you know its authentic?

    You don't.



    And if like something does happen (touch wood) how much do repairs cost? (e.g. the battery, display, airport or something inside)?

    (Prices in USD)

    Hard drive = $140, fan = $20, battery = $300-something, display = $370 (or so). Not sure on AirPort.

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    You can purchase it any time before the 1 year warranty expires.


    Part of this is a matter of if you can afford a repair to a computer.  Some prefer to pay up front for peace of mind.  Notebook repairs are expensive!  With everything being soldered together to withstand movement they have to replace whole sections, not just a little plug-in card.


    Desktops from years ago lasted longer.  My 10 year old G4 is still running strong.  Frankly I don't think you'll find any 10 year old notebooks out there, and moreover, you won't see many of today's delicate notebooks around in 10 years.  I recall one person posting here saying that notebooks have a nominal 3 year lifespan.  Oh, they do last longer, but they aren't as robust as older computers, nor (dare I say it) designed to last as long since a computer that's more than 4 years old is thought by a major computer company to basically be on its way to the recycling center.


    Notebook computers are not as easy to repair as desktop models from 10 years ago.  I can swap out a drive in a matter of minutes in my computer.  A notebook drive involves probably 30 screws and gently prying delicate items apart.

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    I've always purchased AppleCare for every MacBook Pro I've ever owned. I try and sell them used, when they have between 3 ~ 4 months of AppleCare left. Gives the buyer peace of mind & they have always sold instantly. I generally average about one third of the original purchase price. I've had one instance where ApplCare really paid off: Logic board fails, replaced under AppleCare, no charge, two weeks later, replacement fails, back to store, same genius, I say, "so another week without a computer(no logic boards in stock), he talks to manager, goes in back, comes out with a brand new computer(mine is two years old), says "enjoy your new computer".

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    Watch this review before you buy it. her laptop has been expired for 3 months and apple repaired her laptop for free. However, it's depended on how bad the problem is.