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Just to start off, I have 2 iPad gen 1s, and 2 iPhones in the house too, and they all have no problem with their respective Facetime (iPhones) and iMessage (all of them) on my home network.


When I first got my new iPad (iPad "3"), I could not activate iMessage and Facetime at home.  I kept getting "Check your network settings", however everything else to do with the network was fine:  Safari, iTunes, games, etc.  I made a Genius bar appointment to check out the problems activating the iMessage and Facetime, but as I was waiting for my appointment, I decided to try again while on the Apple Store's WiFi.  To my surprise, both iMessage and Facetime immediately were activated, and I had no trouble using them.  I cancelled my Genius bar appt and went home.  At home, Facetime will not work, and iMessage transmisison sometimes works.  Keep in mind that all my other IOS devices work fine, and my 2 Macs.  I have looked through my router settings and can find no port blocking set at all.  I have seen some anecdotal discussions about setting the DNS to Google's public DNS, but I have not tried that, and besides which, why would only my new iPad not work, but the other IOS devices would?

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