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I am considering adding a second Time Capsule to my wired/wireless network (which currently consists of a single 1TB Time Capsule).  I have plenty of wire run through the house and am going to add a second wireless point to extended the network would improve coverage in the weak side of my house.  I could do this with either an Express or Extreme.


However I am starting to fill up the drive on our desktop iMac with media related items (songs, photos, video).  I am considering making the second wireless point addition with a 2 or 3 TB Time Capsule rather than an Express or Extreme.  I would use the new TC to backup everything with Time Machine and the old TC as a media drive.


I have read in posts here that using a Time Capsule as a network drive can be problematic, particularly as a media server.  I am simply looking for some feedback on the suitability of a Time Capsule as the media drive. 


The other, and perhaps cheaper approach, coudl be to add and an Exterme or Express and one or more drives (one directly connected to the iMac as a media drive) and perhaps another connected to the existing TC to expande the backup space?


Any thoughts / comments will be much appreciated!

iMac i7, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    If that iMac is your only Mac, I'd put all those media files on an external drive connected directly to the iMac.  Then use the Time Capsule for backupof the iMac and the external drive, if the TC disk is big enough.  That will give you a backup of those media files, which probably aren't being backed up in your current configuration.  If the TC disk isn't big enough to back up all that (2-3X the total amount of data to be backed up), you could attach a large disk to the Time Capsule and have Time Machine back up to that.  (Don't try that with an AirPort Extreme, which doesn't support that configuration.)


    Finally, you can connect an AirPort Extreme or Express to the TC via Ethernet and create a roaming network, per Apple or Bob Timmons.