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I have an xl file that I can't delete. I have moved this file to the trash can and when i try to empty the trash i get a message that this file cannot be deleted because it is in use. The file is not in use so I can't understand what to do to have it deleted. I tried retarting my macbook a couple of times but this did not solve the issue either.


Any ideas?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 8GB Memory
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    You need to quit the application (Excel ?) you were using in association with that file before emptying the Trash.

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    Here is a good article from MacWorld about emptying the Trash with problem files. If you've restarted, that should have taken care of the busy flag.



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    hum I think this is not working. First of all no application associated with this file is open. Actually the only thing open is finder, and still it does not delete (I get this message that the file is in use.


    I opened disc utility and did a verify disc on my HD which came back as perfectly normal (no indication oe error fin order to perform a repair disc). So again I tried to delete and erase but the file is persestent...\\


    Any fresh ideas on how to send it to smithereens?