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Hi guys,

I've been using MainStage for playing synth live on stage for a couple of years.

Now I've just recently downloaded MainStage 2 from App Store, so I'm totally new to the application.

I'm going to play with a project where I play synth's and handle the backing tracks from my MacBook Pro.

What I want to do is to be able to change synth patches while playing two separate .wav files - one main backing track for Output 1-2 and one for monitoring in Output 3-4 with a click track bounced within the file. I've got a audio interface with 4 outputs.

I, obviously, want to play/pause both .wav files at the same time.

Is this possible? And if so; how do I do it?


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    Yes, it is possible. At the set level, which will contain the synth patches, you have to create two "Playback" software instruments tracks and load your .wave in it.


    The easiest way to do so is to drag and drop, at your set level, your audio files to the channel strips of your set.


    In order to synchronize the transport function of these two playback, you have to assign the two playback to the same Group, (A for example). As a security, assign the same Sync, Snap To, Play From features to the two Playback.


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