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Hey all - having a problem and hope someone can help me out?


My iPhone 4 (on iOS 5.0.1) appears to have stopped charging correctly, when inserting the charging cable it makes no sound/vibration and the little 'lightning bolt' in the battery icon doesn't show. This has been an issue for the past two days (iPhone is just over a year old) and I've never had any problem before.


I've tried several different cables in several sockets at home & work, and even inserting it into a dock, with no luck - and I'm getting no joy out of connecting it to my macbook or laptop either (iTunes doesn't recognise it is conneced either, so I can't even try to restore the bloomin' thing and certainly can't sync or anything). I have tried a "home+power" reset a few times and no luck there either.


I obviously thought this was a problem with the charging dock on the iPhone, and after reading a few threads have used a little compressed air to help clean it out - again with no success. There's no obvious lint or anything blocking up in there.


However, the bizarre part of this is that if I leave the phone connected it will charge, albeit very slowly (will take a full day to get to around 50% charge) but will not indicate it is charging, and if I turn the phone off and then insert the charging connector, it will bring the phone to life (but once all loaded, it won't indicate charging again). Indeed, when it went so flat as to turn itself off yesterday I inserted the charging cable and it showed it was charging (and did so) for a while, right up until it had enough charge to power up the phone and then it again doesn't indicate any charging (but, again, does so very, very, very slowly).


Any ideas on this one? I assumed it was the dock connector on the phone itself, but it's obviously not as it recognises and charges in certain circumstances!

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    sorry to hijack your thread mate, but i've recently started getting the same problem. However, i have a slightly different slant to add to the discussion.


    my iphone has charged fine by usb on my laptop, pc and in the car for the last 12 months. i plugged it into my pc usb on monday and suddenly get a message saying "charging is not supported on this accessory"


    so i unplug it and try it on my laptop...hey presto it works for 10mins then shows the yellow triangle and warning dialog....same with my car usb socket.


    i used the plug adaptor and the usb charger lead and plugged it directly into the house mains and it works perfectly....no errors.


    i rebooted my pc earlier with iphone and usb still connected, when it rebooted it started charging again, but after 10mins or so it brings up the yellow warning triangle and error dialog.


    all chargers, etc are original OEM apple products.....i have checked the charging wire pins (none bent) and cleaned out the phone dock, charger wire (phone side and usb side) and even cleaned out my pc, laptop and in car usb sockets and still getting the error.


    i am running the latest ios 5.01 on an original 32gb iphone and never had a problem with the phone until monday


    edit: just also noticed when i am plugged in on usb charger to my laptop or pc or car and i get the error message.....i also lose my keyboard click sounds, etc but the phone still rings ok.

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    No problem about jumping in shadygiz, hopefully you can find help too.


    I've had the yellow triangle before in the past (which went away if I unplugged and then plugged back in!?), but not on this occasion, on this occasion it's just not doing anything, but maybe getting a very, very slow trickle charge. A very frustrating situation.


    Hopefully someone might have an idea - as my connector works in the dock on occasion, perhaps this is a software thing? Not sure?

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    To add to this further -


    Bizarrely the phone will play music through a docking unit when attached, so it seems the dock connector on the phone itself is, apparently, fine - it just won't charge properly (and won't indicate charging as above).


    Still no ideas anyone?

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    This is exactly the same problem I have.  I have an old klispch dock that it plays music through no charging capacity.  My car stereo no longer recognizes my phone when I plug it in so it won't play through that.

    I'm out of warranty.  I'm waiting for some tools to disconnect the battery and see if that doesn't reset it.  Then I guess if that doesn't work I'll try changing the charging port.