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I just bought a MacBook Pro and downloaded Civilizations V. I play at 1280*1080 fullscreen resolution with the lowest graphics settings. My computer (non retina display) has a Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics processor with 1 GB VRAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 1680 * 1050 resolution, 8 GB RAM, 2.7 GhZ quad-core processor, and a solid-state drive, so I thought playing on the lowest settings with a 1280*1080 fullscreen wouldn't tax it too much, but the GPU runs from 160-170 F and the GPU diode, whatever that is, is 180-185 F, which is worrisome to me. Usually the how-to guides say to clean your computer and stuff to cool it better, but my computer is 2 days old and my room is not dusty so I doubt that's the cause. I haven't downloaded any strange applications or anything. Interestingly, when I played with the highest graphics settings and resolution, it did not seem to raise the temperature of the GPU diode any further. Also, when I brought my big fan next to the computer and placed it on high speed, it didn't lower the temperature of the GPU diode. So maybe iStat pro is wrong, however, when I touch the top of my keyboard (above all the keys and right next to the screen) it is very hot to the touch. Is something wrong with my computer? Is 185 F safe for a GPU diode, and 175 safe for a GPU, and 145 for a CPU heatsink? Should I just not play this game?

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    Whether it is safe or not I don't know but no notebook is really meant for running games. Those that are billed as for games, Windows PCs, usually have larger fans and better cooling, bigger and better heat sinks, then any other normal notebook. MBPs are not designed with overall system cooling in mind. In the long run heating your MBP to that level over and over will, IMHO, shorten its life. To what degree I don't know but heat is the killer of all thing electronic.

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    Well, I thought it is powerful enough that it should be able to run a game without overheating on low settings anyway. My old MBP (2006 model known to overheat) has lasted for over 5 years and it's always that hot, but I don't know if these new ones are supposed to. Also, the Retina Display macbook was designed for heavy duty video editing and stuff, which I thought is far more taxing than a simple game. Civ V only takes 1 GB of RAM, so it's no Crysis 2.

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    They will shut down if they get too hot. What speed do the fans run at?

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    Video editing can use a lot of system resources when you are actually encoding something. And must of that is handled by the CPU. Just doing edits really doesn't tax the system that much.


    Graphics is what is displayed on the screen. Games tax the GPU because it is constantly updating the screen and games are coded to hand off some of the backend processing to the GPU.


    Right your new system may last 5-10-15 years or die within a few months. Each unit is different and each part inside each unit is different. The chain is only as stong as its weakest link.

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    Around 3500-4000 rpm. When I'm not doing anything taxing (just browsing the web, etc). they are stable at around 2000 rpm.

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    My system is pretty much idling at the moment, and the GPU diode is at 130F, the fans just under 2000rpm. If you are keeping it at the higher temps many hours a day, maybe you should worry - but if you are playing games many hours a day you should worry no matter what system

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    Just after opening after sleeping for a few hours it's at 80 and 85 F with both fans at 2000. I think mine idles around 130 too. I did some research and it looks like generally 100 C is dangerous for the GPU, with 90-100 being undesirable though not dangerous. My GPU itself did not get above 80 C, so hopefully that's OK. I don't know what a GPU diode is but I guess it naturally runs hotter than a GPU, and anyway the diode did not reach 90 C. I don't play games many hours a day so I guess i just won't worry too much about it.


    Side question: Is it an ok idea to put fake ice cubes on the part of my MBP that gets hot? (They are plastic cubes you put in the freezer, so no risk of water leakage, and I would wrap them in a thin towel.) It seems like a drastic measure, so I probably wouldn't actually do it, but just wondering.

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    Update: GPU actually goes up to 175 and diode to 185. Fake ice trick only removes about 5-7 CF Ambient temperature for both is about 110 - 115 F. I'm going to call Apple Support and see if this is a problem, because I checked and I am well above even the recommended settings for running this game. It runs really fast and there's no graphics problems that I can tell even on the highest settings, so I'm wondering whether there's some ventilation issue. I'd just like to make sure that it's okay.

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    When Streaming video the diode goes up to 180 F. Maybe they weren't designed for playing video games but definitely for streaming video. So either my MBP is faulty or they're just designed to run this hot.

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    I presume that the laptop is on a hard surface, such as a table, as anything soft will cause at least some obstruction of the cooling vents. I wouldn't recommend ice cubes, even if they are plastic wrapped in cloth - you are inviting condensation. Liquid is much more dangerous for your laptop than heat!


    There are varied reviews of the various designs of cooling pad to put under the laptop, mostly from what I read not very encouraging, but I came across one positive review for Thermapak.

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    Yes, it's on a hard surface. I might get a cooling pad, but I have also heard that elevating the back of your laptop slightly so there's a bit of space between the table and the bottom of the laptop improves circulation, so I have done that.

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    Hi ns180.


    I've read your post and I see that I have a similar problem.


    I run the Civilization V in an iMac 24 in and my Graphic Processor Diode reaches the 90 ºC (194 F). When this happen I left the game immediately. I've recently change (for second time) my hard disk and probably the last two were damage by the heat, so when I change the disk, of course, I cleaned the circuits with isopropyl alcohol and spay them with compressed air. I´m running recently, just after the last repair, the Temperature Monitor and SMC Fan Control and for sure it doesn't matter what I do, I can't reduce the temperature of the GPD. In fact, I'm writing right now, only using the Firefox and GPD is in 80 ºC. The back of the iMac, the left up corner, is very hot all the time. I put an exterior fan, a big one, and nothing... I'ts still hot the GPD. This means that I can cool the exterior of the Mac, but never the interior.


    My conclusions for the moment is that may be the GPD is damaged and the best possibility is trying to change it or find other way to cool the interior of the Mac.


    Greetings from Mexico.